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Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Washington DC
Beginning sporadically, tentatively, outside a circle of trees, glass columns radiant and hopeful, etched by moments before Montgomery, move inexorably under trees, and now, with Dr. King’s leadership, rise up a hill gathering momentum, order and the focus at a cool place of reflection and renewal.

The glass columns, each rising from a swath of gray, are woven together by threads of copper in the granite, linking the people and events of the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. King. Each thread makes its way from the outside to the center and over the edge into the quiet reflection pool. This central pool, at once reflective and active, holds three glass columns devoid of words; reserved and waiting for acts which more perfectly fulfill our founding documents’ promise of freedom, equality and justice.

Surrounded by the words of Dr. King, the visitor may here reflect on Dr. King’s strength and will, our nation’s great promises and on each of our next steps.
image: site plan